The "100 for 100" program is about ensuring that Philippi’s students have the support they need to stay in school. We’re aiming for 100% of students in our community!

What is Amandla?

The name Amandla comes from the Xhosa/Zulu tradition of call-and-response. A crowd member declares "Amandla!" meaning "power" and the crowd responds "Ngawethu!" adding that the power "is ours." Amandla Development is therefore empowered development, a process Amandla coordinates wherein local knowledge and active citizenship meet government processes and NGO ground-level implementation. Our Collectives mobilise local resources to ensure their young people are fully supported to be ready to learn, take charge of their education journey and grow into active and productive members of society.

  • Investing in capacity is investing in results. In rigorous, transparent evaluation of results.

  • Everyone can make a difference. Restoration of dignity stripped by decades of discrimination is key to empowering individuals to succeed. Crucial to real reconciliation is opportunity creation for previously disadvantage populations.

  • Everyone is wiser than anyone- collaboration and knowledge sharing are integral. Cooperation between government, funders, civil society, and communities is a necessity. The responsibility for development transcends borders.

The Philippi Team

Scott Clarke

Founding Director

Shanaaz Stofberg

Project Manager

Mthuthuzeli Qambela

Project Coordinator

Mthetheleli Wontyi

Project Administrator



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