DANCE for a CHANCE Teaser

'DANCE for a CHANCE' – Our latest project has started.A group of social entrepreneurs from South Africa, Germany and US are working with us on a project to bring dance and more social media awareness to our community. Susi Bayer from Berlin will join us in January 2018 here in Cape Town. She studies social work and dance and will work together with a group of children from the community. We are excited to see more from the 'DANCE for a CHANCE' team:Patrick Markut – Markut FilmsDavid Tang Linhares , Roman FernandezJosh Swart , Nathan Swart – HereistheloveSusi BayerFor more information visit our website and sign up for the newsletter:

Posted by Amandla Development on Friday, September 8, 2017

“Hi, I’m Susi,

I study Social Work & Dance.


In January 2018 I’ll go to Philippi,

a township in Cape Town,


where I work with a group of children

on a cool dance project.


Sign up and follow my

journey to



What if…

YOU could give ALL

children in the world





The Idea

We believe that every child in the world should have equal CHANCES in life independent of their race, gender or where they were born. In a township like Philippi, children are struggling with life and do not even have any chance to see the world outside of the township. Their chances in life to become an active citizen and enter our society is far from being equal. They cannot go to the kinder garden and play with other kids, learn how to paint, create things, sing, dance or just be creative.

What if we could give them a place where they could go to be creative, dream big and share their ideas with others? What if we could connect them with the world and give them access to the society outside of their neighborhood? A place where they could come to play, sing, dance and get in touch with the world outside the township. 

Yes, we can! And even more important, YOU can all help to do so. 

We want to use social media as a platform to increase Reach, create Awareness, find Support, and Engage them with our society.


Connecting the community of Philippi to the world


Real stories from inside the township



Find and activate supporter worldwide


Engagement with children of Philippi

Our vision

to change the world

starts with giving


CHANCE in life!


Because we can…

 have an impact…

make a change…

and enjoy.



The Team

David Tang | Entrepreneur & Traveler

If you want to know anything about the project planning or status, or have questions about how you can join the team please contact David.  


Josh & Nathan Swart | Entrepreneurs & DJs

Anything you want to know about Cape Town or the happenings within ask these two good friends, Josh and Nathan. 


Susi Bayer | Social Worker & Dancer

"Social Work and Dance" that's what moves her and keeps her up at night... Susi will be on location in Philippi Village to write a studies about "The Social Impact of DANCE"


Patrick Markut | Videographer & Editor

Patrick supports the project by creating videos. His passion for videography is what gives live to our stories...


Roman Fernandez | Consultant & Writer

As part from the very first day, Roman ignited the project. By reminding us that often it is just little match needed to make a rocket fly... 


What about You? | World saver & ???

Ready to do some good? 

Check out what you can do...



No expectations…

Just do as much as you can …



Send a positive message…

WRITE about it…  

SING about it …

or just DANCE with us!!!



Because YOU can do