“Let’s do SOMETHING about this!” 


The project “DANCE for a CHANCE”  is more than just a dance program for children from a township. It is a project that aims to create a marketing channel for AMANDLA Development and the community of Philippi. 

To do so we need to increase our social media reach and get our message out to the right people who share our mission and would like to help the children of Philippi. Usually, to increase reach and media attention it takes a lot of effort and high costs might be involved. But if we can get enough people all around the world lined up to help us with only a little effort then we can move mountains. If one of our posts is shared 200 times on Facebook within a day because we all work together this will have a great impact. 

Social media marketing activities involve the creation of content, besides the distribution of it. A short video, picture, song or article posted in the right audience group draws attention to our project and therefore to the children of Philippi. Even though such activities are very necessary to create and sustain a social media channel, it takes time and specific skills. A charity organization who devotes themselves fully to help the community spends often every minute and all their resources to these tasks. So what about us who spend on average 1-3 hours daily on social media. Why don’t we take some of these tasks and support them?

Surely, we can start sharing and commenting randomly on charity organizations posts. But to have a significant impact a little coordination might be of use. We don’t need to share every post. An overall strategy can help us to line up all our power to strike at once. E.g. a video that is shared 100 times within 10 minutes after posted has a higher probability to get viral than one which is shared within 10 days. 

We want to build an army of supporters who all help us sharing and engaging with our content, create content for us and draw attention to our project by directly engaging with us.

Since organizations like Amandla are doing already the good work inside the township, we could take our part in helping them from the outside. By getting involved and activating our social networks to help. Not just by sending money to some unknown and obscure charity organizations, but by sharing real content and engaging directly with the ones benefiting from it.

If you are interested in supporting us and become part of our army sign up at one or more of these options:

Multiply Reach:

As a soldier you help us to multiply our Social Media Reach. By sharing our posts, writing comments, liking posts or send our posts to specific friends.  

If you sign up as a soldier we will send you an email just before we post an important post. You can then help us with that specific post.  

Create Content:

Write an article, Create a Post, Make a Video, Make something funny, etc. As a general you take part as a content creator.

You produce specific content yourself and send it to our marketing team so we can create and share a post. 

Engage your community:

Make a presentation at your university, host a fundraising event, or thing and realize your own ideas to help increase engagement. 

As an admiral, you will actively get involved and act as part of the team.  Please don't hesitate to send us your ideas. Every thought might be valuable to our project.

If you are interested to support us please sign up here. We will contact you and send you additional information. 


Of course, donations to the project are always welcome!!! If you want your donation to be only assigned to this project please add a note to it after clicking the donation button.