“Because WE can do SOMETHING about it!” 


Not everyone is born equal and not everyone is exposed to the same caliber of opportunities, but some, unfortunately, are barely afforded one chance. ‘DANCE for CHANCE’ aims to focus on the children of Philippi Township (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philippi,_Cape_Town) and create a platform where they can play, sing, dance and learn.

These children need a safe space where they can be creative, dream big and share their ideas with others. This is where we envision the intrinsic and extrinsic benefits culminating to create the platform linking opportunity seekers with opportunity givers. Connecting the children to the world and the world to the children hopes to personalize the giver-receiver model.

We want these children to think beyond the limitations of their living conditions and spark a hope and desire to become all that they dream and more. We want the dancing to tell their story, where do they come from, where do they plan to go. By positively influencing their development with fun, dancing, and creativity, we hope to inspire them to success.

In a cooperation with Amandla Development, CESVI (Phipippi Village), Philippi’s community, the FHCHP (Fachhochschule Clara Hoffbauer), and a group of global social entrepreneurs, we want to create a platform for them get connected with the world outside of their township and share their stories with the world.

Kick-Off Project

During a 3 month project, a group of the community of the township ‘Philippi’  will create a stage performance ‘DANCE for a CHANCE’ that will be performed at the MBA World Summit 2018 at the UCT Campus “Philippi Village”. Supported by a social worker from the FHCHP (Susanne Bayer), and the founders of “Here is the Love” and “Get Ready” (Josh & Nathan Swart), the personal development of the dance group, their challenges and the impact of the project will show us how these children really live. 

The project will also supply us with real content from the community itself that we use in our first social media marketing campaigns. We intend to use the showcase to gain Reach and create Awareness within our own society.

It will further show, how through dance, music and social work boundaries can be broke, hope can be fostered, and opportunities for the people of Philippi created. Supported via a media team the development and change of the performing group will be captured and a video documentation produced. Furthermore, Susi will write her Bachelor Thesis about it to create a scientific documentation and an analyze the effect of her efforts on the community. 

As a finale of the project, a final performance will be performed at the MBA World Summit 2018 in Cape Town and integrated at the “Impact Day” of the MBA World Summit. With that, we hope to get further support from the GLC (Global Leadership Community) who could help to establish a sustainable long term marketing strategy and media platform with a global reach.




Philippi Village – Help to create a sustainable marketing channel with a global reach to the ‘right’ audience. A CHANCE to show the world in an entertaining way, via music and dance, what the issues of the community in Philippi are and what can be achieved if we all work together.

Amandala Development – Increase global brand awareness and access to potential financing/donors, and additional support for the Philippi community.

Social Media

Could we use social media to create value for such communities? By communicating with them, creating awareness, and letting them share their life experiences with the world.

We believe we can! And everyone with a social media account can help us.

To create such a platform for the community we need to empower the community to connect with the world. Therefore we need to reach out to a global audience that is interested in their stories and is likely to help grow it further. Any LIKE, SHARE or COMMENT on our social media channels could have a positive impact on the project, and it costs nothing than just a couple of clicks.

With the project “DANCE for a CHANCE” we want to help to build a social media channel and give supporter the chance to engage in the project actively.


Connecting the community of Philippi to the world starts with building up enough social reach.

Let's give them our support by sharing, liking, commenting on their content!  


Real stories from inside the township can create more awareness in our society. 

Let's use our social media networks to share how the life of children in townships really look like.


We want to find and enable supporter worldwide to become socially active and help the community.

Support doesn't always mean donation. Every one of us might have a skill or asset that can add value. 


Engagement with the children of Philippi is key for their social development. 

Let's give them a chance to engage with people outside of the township. Let's show them that they can be a part of the global society.