“TOGETHER we can achieve more!”

A Team of Social Entrepreneurs

As a team of social entrepreneurs who want to give back to people in need we all share a common interest in music, dance, and media. Even though we all come from different nationalities and live in different countries we all share a common goal. Helping these children and giving them a chance to change their life. Therefore all of us found some time in our daily life to engage in this project. 

David Tang

Josh & Nathan Swart

Co-founders of two NPO’s, ‘Hereisthelove’ (https://www.facebook.com/Hereisthelove-864630586947839/) and ‘Get Ready’, these Social Entrepreneurs are solution focused in approaching all tasks. They are quick to stand up for righteousness and justice and do good whenever possible. Their hands-on experience and ability to identify practical solutions to social problems add value to the team.

NPO focus: Hereisthelove – targeting racial discrimination by sharing the love between all citizens and creating the platform for all to give out of love. Below’s video showcases the Hereisthelove day at Stellenbosch University in 2015. (https://youtu.be/AfbP5t–86U)

Get Ready – Focussing on grade 10’s – 12’s in getting scholars ready for life beyond high school. This ranges from getting bank accounts, income tax numbers, setting up CV’s, handling job interviews, providing (sponsored) formal attire for work, finding your passion in engagement sessions with the students, registering to get licences and even professional drivers permits, University/College application and more. Helping students find their passion and then how to monetise that passion as best in the more applicable fields.

Susanne Bayer

“My study course is called „movement and dance in social work. The course is dual. That means two days of work in a self-chosen facility like a kindergarden, school or disabled accommodation, and three days university. In the end the students gain the bachelor of arts. I work in a elementary school in Berlin, where kids from first until sixth class go to. My tasks in this school are school-social-work, the support of lessons and leading of dance groups.

The study course has two focus areas. First one is movement and dance.It includes modern contemporary dance, meth of new style like hip hop & breakdance dance. The students also learn games of movement, different forms of sport like team sports, weight training and fitness, watersport, gymnastics, circus and theater and how to improvise and create choreographies. The second focus is social work.

Students can choose between three different focuses. Youthwork, elementary work (childhood education) and curative education. They also learn education of science, psychology, sociology, politics and a general knowledge of social work. Important is the connection of work and study, what is made by reflecting work together with other students and professors. With dance it´s possible to purchase communality, tolerance and respect.

Also cognitive-, emotional- and social skills are learned with movement and dance. Coordination and the senses can be trained and the personal health gets better.

And the most important, dance and sport is a lot of fun for everybody, it does not matter what age people have or where they come from.”

(Video Social&Dance Stage Performance → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7zOTnXI9UE)

(Video FHCHP → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_dwAs6AOIU)

Patrick Markut

Roman Fernandez