Adolescent Youth Friendly Space


The Adolescent Youth Friendly Space (AYFS) is situated in Philippi. A poor community with an HIV rate of 1 in every 3 women and 1 in every 10 men, with new infections sitting predominantly with the youth. The AYFS has increased HIV testing amongst youth from 10% to 30% as well as increased knowledge and expression around these issues.

The AYFS has become a place of hope, education, learning, expression, joy and sharing of ideas. We believe that through debates and discussions on sexual reproductive health, HIV, LGBTQ support groups, dance, art and music we can make a difference to the youth struggling with poverty in Philippi.

The Adolescent Youth Friendly Space 


The aim of the AYFS is to provide a safe, creative space for vulnerable youth to meet and access services in a friendly environment. There are various different programs running at the AYFS that the youth can join after school. Some of the creative programs include arts, theatre, music, dancing, and DJ lessons. There is also HIV testing, HIV knowledge sessions, counselling, family planning services, LGBTQ support and computers with WiFi for homework and research.

Amandla Development, CESVI Foundation and Sizakuyenza are in partnership to strengthen the capacity of community structures and networks to prevent HIV infection, unintended pregnancies, school dropout and other poverty-related issues youth in Philippi face.


Research has shown that often youth feel unwelcome or intimidated to go to health clinics due to stigma within the community. The AYFS provides a space that is free of judgement and has all the services to meet the student's needs.


Discussions, testing and counselling on SRH at the AYFS includes family planning, teenage pregnancy, gender-based violence, abortion, STI's, endemic diseases, substance abuse and more.


Mentors provide psychosocial support, comprehensive life skills and a space for information sharing and learning. There are one-on-one as well as group sessions covering sex, relationships, LGBTQ support, rights, and any other issues a student might be facing.


The dance programme allows a creative space for the youth that embodies the spirit of the children and encourages them to realise their dreams. Dancing is a form of expression and joy into the lives of the youth. Read more about the Dance for Chance programme here.


Youth are given the opportunity and tools to express what they feel and to portray what they have learnt during the knowledge sessions through drama, art and music. The Philippi Music Project teaches DJ lesson and records new artists at the AYFS studio.


A quiet study area is provided with internet access where youth can conduct research and do their homework. A space to learn and share information.