“We want to create a place where Philippi’s children can be creative, dream big and share their ideas with others.”

Right here

(@Philippi Music Project)

in the middle of the 


we will establish a 

social dance program

for the

children of Philippi.


We believe that every child in the world should have equal CHANCES in life independent of their race, gender or where they were born.

In a township like Philippi, children are struggling with life and do not even have any chance to see the world outside of the township. Their chances in life to become an active citizen and enter our society is far from being equal. They cannot go to the kinder garden and play with other kids, learn how to paint, create things, sing, dance or just be a child. We want to create a place with them where they can be creative, dream big and share their ideas with others.

A group of international volunteers led by Susi Bayer worked with children in Philippi and developed a dance performance that embodies the spirit of the children and encourages them to realize their dreams. The project is supported by Amandla development, CESVI, Sizakuyenza, the MBA World Summit, local artists, musicians and social impact entrepreneurs from around the world. None of the involved individuals or organizations have any political affiliation but all of them find common ground in the spirit of diversity and social impact.


We want to

gather all the

children of Philippi

and use


to bring a little bit of 


into their lives.



The project was co-founded by Susi Bayer, David Tang and Roman Fernandez in 2017 and sponsored by Amandla Development, a non-profit organization in South Africa. Susi Bayer studies mobility, dance and social work at the Potsdam university in Germany. David Tang is an entrepreneur and professional model from Munich, Germany. Roman Fernandez is a management consultant with Roland Berger in Detroit, USA.

Several other international volunteers and artists supported the project – Nathan and Josh Stewart, Patrick Markut, Alexandra Pfaffinger, Kaspar Hagedorn, Annabel Jansen and Hubertus Roesch. The project is also supported by Native Young, a popular South African music band.



NO expectations…


DO as much as you CAN … 


SEND a positive MESSAGE…

WRITE about it…  

SING about it …

or just DANCE with us!!!



Because YOU can do