Project Introduction

In this first video of our documentary we introduce the project and give a quick overview of the participants and the location. 

The vision of “DANCE for a CHANCE” is it to show the world how life in a township really is and to motivate others to become active themselves. We want to show that everyone who wants to help can do so. If we don’t do something about it, then who will?

Supporting Amandlas Vision

When we first met Amandla we didn’t know how much they are involved in the community building process of Philippi.

We were very surprised how much they have already implemented of their mission and how engaged they are with the community builders. Amandla tremendously changed the way how different stakeholders in Philippi interact with each other and fostered a common vision of bringing education to the children of Philippi. 

They envision a South Africa where individuals of all backgrounds have equal opportunity and live to their fullest dignified potential.

The non-profit organization seemed a perfect match for our idea to use “Dance and Social Work” to do good in Cape Town. 

Wacht this 16 min. documentary to get a feeling for Amandla’s work and how it has impacted the community of Philippi. 
(more information: What we Do! )

The PMP – A perfect location

After consulting with Scott from Amandla he introduced us to the Philippi Music Project. This unique project is a social entreprise aiming at offering an infrastructure to the musicians from the townships of Cape Town.

They believe that Music has an amazing power to attract, develop and enhance creativity in local communities, and can be used to connect people together to foster capacity learnings and personal development for young people from the townships.

HOUSE OF SMILES – The supporting partner

The PMP studio container is located at CESVI Cape Town‘s facility and only 1 walking minute to the new business center of the UCT, Philippi Village.

In South Africa 40% of men have beaten their partners and one in four has committed sexual crimes. Even if only 2% leads to charges being laid, violence against women is a growing phenomenon and as many as one woman in four has undergone beatings or abuse.

In 2007  Cesvi set up the House of Smiles for women and children in the shanty town of Philippi at Cape Town.

This is a residential refuge centre which provides psychological assistance and professional training to the women and schooling, food and care to the children.