The First Collective Meeting of 2019

On Thursday 21 February Amandla Development hosted the first Collective Meeting with the Philippi Collective Network for 2019 at Sophumelela High School. It was the first of 3 meetings that will be held this year to discuss how we can work collaboratively to create a network of support to youth in Philippi. We used the Read more about The First Collective Meeting of 2019[…]

Flohmarkt / Flea Market for a Chance

Den Kleiderschrank ausmisten und das für einen guten Zweck. Zum Soli Flohmarkt auf dem Freilandgelände Potsdam haben sich im Juni 2018 eine Gruppe Studierende getroffen und ihre ausgemisteten Kleidungsstücke verkauft. Josi, Anna x2, Linda, Dana, Jana, Lena, Franzi, Gesche, Carla, Katharina, danke für eure tatkräftige Unterstützung. Bei der Masse an Shirts, Pullovern, Jacken, Hosen usw. Read more about Flohmarkt / Flea Market for a Chance[…]

Township – Bar

Making friends through one coincidence after another. The road that lead us to the Township this Sunday was already known to us. A road that we used every day. A road that we know well with all its corners and edges, bends, junctions and bumps. But on this day we were supposed to go deeper Read more about Township – Bar[…]

The big day – Der große Tag

“I worked with the children of Philippi for nearly two months. Based on the principle of children’s rights I arranged workshops and conversations for the children to bring out their dreams, wishes and fears to arrange a performance together. The story of the performance is about two brothers who happily live in a Township. However, Read more about The big day – Der große Tag[…]

Remote Year meets DANCE for a CHANCE

Last month Remote Year added a new city to its itinerary, Cape Town, and Sonder was the first group to be introduced to the ‘Mother City’. Cape Town is a thriving and vibrant city, but it does have a complicated past and sharp racial, ethnic, educational, socio-economic and political divides remain. Just 20 minutes outside Read more about Remote Year meets DANCE for a CHANCE[…]

Pre-Performance – Generalprobe

„I hope you feel really proud of your work yesterday. Thanks so much again!“ ”Today’s show was awesome. You can be so proud of yourself!” „Thanks sooo much for the event on tuesday. I am so in awe of you. You really inspire me.“ Things, I couldn’t wait to hear for days that were supposed Read more about Pre-Performance – Generalprobe[…]

Keep Calm – Ruhe bewahren

Susi here, Susi there, “Susi can you…” “Susi, what am I supposed to do,…?” “Susi, this boy is hungry,… and this one here wants some water and that girl over there hit her arm” And then there is a child hanging around my neck and another one is rolling my dreadlock. Noise in the whole Read more about Keep Calm – Ruhe bewahren[…]

INVITATION: “Dance for a Chance” – Performance & Charity Event

Tuesday 13th March, 15:30-19:00 pm, Khanyisa Centre Philippi Township. Dance for a Chance, is a intercultural social dance project to encourage the children of the township of Philippi to overcome obstacles and realize their dreams. Over the past 2 months, 60 children from Philippi worked together with a group of international volunteers and developed a Read more about INVITATION: “Dance for a Chance” – Performance & Charity Event[…]

The Kids of Philippi – Die Kids von Philippi

(for German please scroll down) By Alexandra Fung. For the fourth year in a row I travel to Cape Town. How easy you fall in love with this city: The everlasting summer and the bright blue sky, the picturesque coastline with mile long beaches and idyllic bays, and in the background the impressive Table Mountain. Read more about The Kids of Philippi – Die Kids von Philippi[…]

Circles of friends – Freundeskreise

Sometimes there are things, that can’t be real. Conincidences, people encounter other people and so circles are complete. Just recently another circle was completed. Through a friend’s research from Potsdam I heard about ”Native Young” for the first time. It’s a band from Cape Town and their music actually fits perfectly to the performance. So Read more about Circles of friends – Freundeskreise[…]