The Resource Access Programme (RAP) works in schools to empower learners to take charge of their education journey and seek out the support they need to complete their education and become employable, active citizens.

RAP – Resource Access Programme

Because being ready to learn requires adequate access to supports like quality healthcare, good nutrition, and personal supports, Amandla facilitates a programme through schools to bring Philippi’s learners the knowledge, access, and empowerment they need to take charge of their educational journey and make use of the resources around them in the community.

In a short time, Amandla has built the Resource Access Programme – or RAP – to bring practical support to Philippi’s students and to provide real-time guidance to help them take charge of their education journey: 

– RAP brings nonprofits who provide help like tutoring, counselling, and positive after-school activities to schools to get students involved.

– RAP matches students with mentors as someone to look up to and be a real-time link to local support for issues ranging from domestic violence to substance abuse to not getting enough food to eat at home.

– RAP is turning the tide for Philippi’s students, and we want to get the programme into EVERY school in the community.


Amandla connects local service providers to schools to share their work and how to access them.

Access and Empowerment

Peer mentors work with learners as real-time support giving practical advice on how to access needed support and to build learner confidence to seek out what they need.