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Activate your community, set your own goal and help us raise funds towards the Adolescent Youth Friendly Space. Join the Awethu Club and become a changemaker to ending the cycle of poverty. Find out how to set up your own GivenGain fundraising page to help Amandla Development or start fundraising NOW.

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Add your voice to the Awethu Club by creating awareness, spreading the word and creating a network of support. You can do this through sharing our story on social media, share your own story and encourage engagement. We have content to support you but believe your authentic voice can make the difference.

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Any action Amandla Development takes is based on evidence. This makes sure we are meeting the necessary problems with efficiency and collective input. This data is shown in the annual Philippi Community Report Card based on six outcomes that measure the cradle-to-career journey. Find out why youth need our support

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