For change to be sustainable, it must be driven by the community.

Community Solutions tackles some of the biggest challenges facing Philippi’s youth. Amandla works with community members to gather data on challenges facing Philippi’s youth, and to develop locally-driven programmes that ensure access to high-quality supports for overcoming those challenges.

Using Data

Amandla believes in being data-driven. We work with the community to collect data on challenges the youth face and how best to develop collaborations and assess our progress.

HIV, Safe Space

Our Adolescent and Youth-Friendly Space (AYFS) is a safe space for youth of all backgrounds to play sport, dance, and learn about music production. Here we also provide targeted support for young women and LGBT youth for their sexual health.


Without parental support, our children aren’t learning to read. We engage with parents to get them reading with their children.

Domestic Violence

We’ve developed a domestic violence strategy for Philippi and work with partners to ensure survivors get the support they need and that children are able to continue their education.