Resource Access Programme
Access and Empowerment are critical to the success of the next generation. This is where young people’s sense of agency is built up. We want children to grow into active adults who can make positive changes in their lives and the lives of our communities.
Gathering Information

The Resource Access Programme (RAP) gathers information on resources ranging from NGO to government-sponsored help in one place, making it possible for young people, their families and other caring adults to discover what help is available and how to access it.

But information on its own is not enough.

Peer Mentors

As part of our Resource Access Programme, Amandla employs 15 recent graduates as peer mentors, sending them into schools to give one-on-one counseling to students and provide workshops in life skills. Their one-year internship focuses on teaching life skills to a wide range of young people, while at the same time helping the mentors build their own work skills with ongoing educational opportunities and on-the-job training. Many of our success stories come from our peer mentors as well as from the students who find safety and support in our Safe Space.

Having someone from your neighborhood, someone who made it through high school in a place where 50% of all students drop out, having someone just like you return to the classroom to walk the journey with you — this is powerful.
Together, we can make a difference.