Dance and Social Work

A month has passed since we started our journey to Cape Town. The aim of our 3-month visit:

‘Using dance to reach out to children from the township Philippi, identify their problems and challenges, and work on solutions to solve them.’

Already in our first week in Philippi we were welcomed warmly and the children quickly started open up to us. Especially their engagement and motivation to learn have overwhelmed us since the begging.

Everything you give or teach them they are taking with such a gratitude. Their appetite to learn and engage with us is endless. But not only their hungriness to grow is a matter that we try to fulfill. These kids are actually coming hungry and thirsty from school and some of them don’t even have food at home. 

(Thank you for your visit and support Tobi and Helena)

Help Us with Water and Food

For the first month, we were handing out water and crackers, which we bought for them. Unfortunately, our budget for the project is tight since we are 100% volunteering and have financed our whole stay with our own savings.

Therefore we would highly appreciate YOUR support to donate a little bit for our lunchbox. 

Even little amounts are highly welcomed. 🙂

You can click on the following link and easily donate via PayPal.

Please use the following NOTE so it directly comes to us:

DANCE for a CHANCE – Lunchbox – ‘YOUR NAME’

Visit Us

We are giving them dance classes every week from:

Tuesday-Friday, 14:30-17:30 

At the Philippi Music Project.

(please contact us for directions)