‘Thumbs up from the author – Josh’

Shedding light in Phillipi

Finding beauty in Cape Town is far from cumbersome however in the township of Phillipi sometimes one must look a little harder, but I can guarantee you, it is there.

I was welcomed to collaborate with the Amanda Development Project on multiple platforms primarily philanthropic with a side of entrepreneurial flavor with my brother. Being the co-founder of a non-profit called Hereisthelove, we envisioned our ‘Get Ready’ program that aimed at getting senior scholars ready for life bond high school. Preparing for job interview, drawing up CV’s, opening bank accounts, lining the scholars up with tertiary education where possible and encouraging the students to persue their passion in life.

The Phillipi Music Project (the “PMP”) stood out as one close to home in that I DJ. Being able to teach some of the children how to DJ and also learn from such a vibey music culture has been beyond beneficial and a learning experience for all.  The PMP warm heartedly accepted a donation from the EU that enabled them to kit out their already built ship container turn sound-proof music studio. Let the learning/recording and teaching begin.

A group of French students/volunteers also joined the crew to help with the Mandela Day painting of the studio with the children of the community. Truly a special day getting to hit the 1s and 2s then being exposed to some saucy AfroHouse music.

The Following Sunday was the official opening of the PMP Studio. DJ’s were bought in, live performances of sing and dance from the children in the community headed up by inspirational mentors. The day was a great success and bellies left full after the traditional South African braai.

In pursuit of our ‘Get Ready’ project we came across some alarming stats that in most of the secondary education the high schools have a greater than 50% drop out rate. Whilst we still hold the initial mission true, we additional afford focus to those children that are no longer a part of the schooling system. We hope that the PMP will draw the children into a fun learning environment and hopefully let this create a bridge back into high school. Keeping the children off the streets and getting them out of the gangsterism and rather into schooling through music and dance is a vision we all wish will carry through.

Writing from a chilly Cape Town with great excitement of what is to come.

(left) Scott, Ms Abrams (police), Clement (CESVI)

SA Braai at its finest

Thanks EU for the cash donation to buy some equipment.

The Twins Josh(left) and Nathan (right) with Clement the OG