Tuesday 13th March, 15:30-19:00 pm, Khanyisa Centre Philippi Township.

Dance for a Chance, is a intercultural social dance project to encourage the children of the township of Philippi to overcome obstacles and realize their dreams. Over the past 2 months, 60 children from Philippi worked together with a group of international volunteers and developed a dance performance that embodies the spirit of the township’s children.

We would like to invite you and your Friends to the dance performance from 4 pm to 7 pm on Tuesday, March 13th, 2018 in the unique location of the Philippi Village Amphitheater and the following charity event at the nearby CESVI-location in Philippi.

“We children have rights, rights to protection, to a loving family and to education”

“Children rights” is the topic of the performance. Through body language, dance and theater, the children express their fears, hopes and aspirations.

Snacks and drinks will be offered at the charity event at CESVI’s nearby location. The charity event is an opportunity for you to engage in an intercultural dialogue with the children of the township and connect with the members of the involved non-profit organizations, supporting volunteers and social entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Agenda – March 13th

3:00 pm – Supporters and volunteers meet up for preparations

3:30 pm – Children arrive and prepare for the performance

4:00 pm – Welcome and official start of event (at AYFS)

4:30 pm – Start of dance performance (Amphitheater at Philippi Village)

5:15 pm – Community building charity event with snacks and drinks (at AYFS)

7:00 pm – End of event


If you are interested to help us with the event – for example – bring food, take pictures and videos of the event, please contact us.

E-Mail: dance@amandladevelopment.org
Tel.: +27655003917

Address: Philippi Village,