Positive Impact for the kids in Philippi

Last month Remote Year added a new city to its itinerary, Cape Town, and Sonder was the first group to be introduced to the ‘Mother City’. Cape Town is a thriving and vibrant city, but it does have a complicated past and sharp racial, ethnic, educational, socio-economic and political divides remain. Just 20 minutes outside of the city center many are struggling to survive and often don’t know what the future holds for them.

Amandla Development, a local non-profit, “…envisions a South Africa where individuals of all backgrounds have equal opportunity and live to their fullest dignified potential” (http://www.amandladevelopment.org/vision/). In order to further this vision Amandla began ‘Dance for a Chance’, the goal of which is to provide a platform for children in the village of Philippi “…where they can play, sing, dance and learn how to connect to the world” (http://www.amandladevelopment.org/dance/idea/). ‘Dance for a Chance’ kicked off in January 2018 and has a target date of April 2018 when the children of Philippi will participate in this social dance program.

Remote Year is proud to announce that it has officially partnered with Amandla Development and each program that resides in Cape Town will volunteer to help kick off the initial Dance for a Chance.

Last month Sonder fundraised $350 that was used to buy t-shirts for the children of Philippi to wear during their performance. Sonder then spent the afternoon there tie dying the shirts, playing and dancing with the kids.

Over the next five months Remote Year programs will be supporting Dance for a Chance in the following ways:

  1. March: Remote Year Ohana; Painting all the facilities at Philippi Music Project
  2. April: Remote Year Atlas: Building a self-standing youth hangout spot on the grounds.
  3. May: Remote Year Sisu: Greenhouse Project
  4. June: Remote Year Excelsior: Clearing out the ground and building recreational space (sports area and jungle gym)

By the end of the year Remote Year is looking to embark on a long-term project of erecting a multi-sports facility in Khayelitsha.

Want to learn more about this important work and Dance for a Chance visit:  http://www.amandladevelopment.org/dance/.


Thanks to Remote Year‘s group called ‘Sonder’ who are in town for this month of their year program and their Positive Impact initiative which managed to clothe the dancers in their themed tye-die shirts. 

Tyler Taboada 
Reisy Abramof
Sara Hennings
Travis King
Cas Hulsbosch
Mary Runkle
Jessica Merseth
Bridget Connally
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